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Optimise your digital processes with SwissID.

As a trustful ecosystem SwissID connects online services with potential and existing customers. As an online service provider, you implement the modular service in line with your requirements – from simple login and identification procedures to electronic signatures. You benefit from simpler and continuous online processes. You also save costs thanks to lower development and administration expenses and can focus fully on your core competencies. SwissID is a service from SwissSign, a joint venture of state-affiliated businesses, financial institutions, insurance and health insurance companies

SwissID increases trust and customer loyalty.

SwissSign protects customer data according to the highest security standards and keeps it in Switzerland. SwissID guarantees the secure exchange of data between online service providers and users without recognising or saving the data itself. This increases levels of trust and customer loyalty.


Increase the conversion rate and reduce costs with SwissID.

SwissID comprises five modules. Thanks to the simple login procedure as a central element, the modules are linked with one another in such a way that they can be implemented in line with your requirements. 

These partners are already on board.

The following Swiss online services use SwissID:

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